I’m Sticking With My Day Job

Last weekend, some of my friends and graduate classmates descended upon my apartment for a Nutrition PSA film session. It was a fun-filled afternoon centered on the three things I love – food, nutrition, and talking.


This project was an assignment for one of our classes and was worth a sizable chunk of our grades. This added to my already huge doubts because my sister (E) is the future TV personality of the world and I am her exact opposite. To say I was monumentally freaking out would be an understatement. But surround yourself with good people (and a margarita) and all will be well.


The assignment was fairly straightforward – create a 3-4 minute PSA that highlighted a nutrition topic. It was supposed to be a dialogue between the nutrition expert and the interviewer, which gave you a small safety net if you forgot your lines – someone was always there to prompt you. I chose to talk about snacking and my friends decided on a bevy of topics from whole grains to foods that beat stress.


After a cold read of the scripts and a little gab time, we headed off to my kitchen to prep all the food props. Mine were fairly simple – popcorn, hummus and carrots, apples, peanut butter, and oatmeal. My friends’ props were a little more involved, with L’s being the most labor-intensive. Her plates looked amazing so I had to snap a couple of photos.


Here is her amazing pasta with chicken, spinach, and cannellini beans. Yum!


She also brought this amazingly colorful salad of spinach, mandarin oranges, and walnuts. Double yum!


We decided to shoot the videos facing my living room in my apartment instead of the kitchen. It worked really well because we had the whole breakfast bar to work with. I was very excited because it slightly mimicked the long tables morning news anchors would use when interviewing nutritionists on their programs. I am all about being authentic.


Since we were using my camera to film these PSAs, I took the opportunity to snap photos of everyone. Here is a cute one of L, J, and H setting up a breakfast PSA.


And where did all the kitchen paraphernalia from the island go? On the back counter, of course! The things that happen behind the scenes – real life doesn’t stop!


After the PSAs were filmed and put on everyone’s external USB drives, we relaxed with some baked ziti and some margaritas. As much fun as I had filming with my friends, I have realized that I am better at being a registered dietitian. I’m definitely sticking with my day job.


Have a great week, everyone!


2 thoughts on “I’m Sticking With My Day Job

  1. Love the idea of margaritas and, by the way, I saw that bottle of wine on the back counter! You guys looked as though you were having way to much fun for this to be considered work
    Michele and Philip


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