The Hello/Goodbye Dinner

It has been over a week of vegetarianism and I am still going strong (relatively). It has been a challenge to come up with vegetarian options for meals but also a welcome way to stretch my brain between writing my thesis and my Master’s competency exam.

A break from all the writing craziness came as a Sunday dinner at our family friends’ home. Mr. and Mrs. S (of the amazing, tahini-less hummus fame) are always fun to visit with and having dinner at mid-afternoon with a glass of wine was a treat (and so very European – it made me feel very chic!).

This dinner was not just a normal dinner – it was a welcome home for Spring Break for me and a bon voyage dinner for my grandmother (who is living it up in Las Vegas with her BFF) and for the S’s (who are leaving for Greece). So prosecco was poured, toasts given, hummus to be eaten, and good times to be had by all.

I was in for a treat because Mr. S let me be underfoot and help him pull together dinner (and snap photos which distracted me from stirring the pasta as it was cooking… whoops!). The pasta was simple and delicious… here are the cast of characters:


Butter, good olive oil, broccoli, chopped green beans, sliced grape tomatoes, garlic, and red pepper flake.


The pasta and the broccoli are cooked together, drained, and then tossed in a pan with heated olive oil and butter.


Grape tomatoes and the green beans add extra color and a sprinkling of cheese adds saltiness and a sharp bite.


Place in a breathtaking bowl and serve to your family and friends.


Be sure to include thick slices of country bread.


Because you do not want the glorious mixture of olive oil, butter, garlic, and red pepper flake to go to waste.


It was the best “Hello/Goodbye Dinner” I have ever had… good food, good wine, and even better company.

Your pasta lovin’ friend,


2 thoughts on “The Hello/Goodbye Dinner

  1. Thank you dear Katherine for your kind words and beautiful pictures, good luck with your interviews!


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