Spring Break Recap

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, kiddos! Hope everyone is having a wonderful (and safe) holiday!!

For me, today is not just a holiday but the first day back after Spring Break… which means I can regale you with stories about the past week!


1. Spring Break was a week of finishing Master’s Comps, trying to work through my thesis writing and edits, and various other school-related tasks. BUT it was also a great week full of family, food, and relaxation.


2. The running theme of the week was “I need snow boots but since it has been a snowpocalypse this winter, there are none anywhere”… which was a problem.


But I found these adorable green ones on the very last day of break… talk about cutting it close! They make me happy because they remind me of wonderful green springtime meadows. And spring green asparagus. And spring green peas. And happiness. And I’ll stop now.


3. Since no visit home is complete without a trip to the local family-run burger joint, we stopped by… twice (we were technically home two weekends!). And they have pretty awesome veggie burgers.


Especially decked out in homemade pickles and onion rings. Yum!


4. During a stressful weekend back in early February, my father promised me that he would take the family to the Natural History Museum in NYC to motivate me to keep going. And I collected (because come on, who doesn’t love a trip to the Natural History Museum?).


So we saw the big blue whale.

Best part of the museum

And the famous dinosaur skeleton in the atrium.


And this dude… he kept saying he was famous, was friends with Ben Stiller, and asked if we had any chewing gum. Weird, right?


5. After the whirlwind day in NYC, Mother Nature wanted us to stay put and did this.


Here’s the story (and some ridiculous pictures of me trying to be athletic and epically failing).


7. I actually did little cooking this past week but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t eat amazing food.


Like this incredible pasta dish.


Or these amazing salmon cakes (which I will talk about later this week!).


So, kiddos, how was your Spring Break? Did you do anything fun? See anything cool? Eat anything awesome? I would love to hear all about it!

Happy Monday!


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