Vegetarianism 2.0, Weeks 5 & 6

Hi, kiddos! How’s it going? I know it’s been a while but a lot has been going on. Like Spring FINALLY coming to the polar arctic (yay!). And in the past 12 days, I have finished my thesis (all 68 pages of it), took an exam, gave E my camera, finished my comps exams, forgot to get my camera back, got matched to my Dietetic Internship program, went food shopping, took E food shopping, wrote part of a paper, and ate… a lot.


It’s been kinda busy.


But that doesn’t mean that my eating suffered! Like I have stated before in the blog, cooking and baking are very relaxing for me. In the world of stacks of thesis literature, Medical Nutrition Therapy PowerPoint slides, and endless post-it notes, taking an hour out of the day to make dinner is a real treat.

One of my dinners this week was a real jump out of my comfort-zone. I dislike cheese very much (except for fresh mozzarella and cheese on pizza!), but I decided to try my hand at making farro risotto. Risotto is an Italian dish that consist of cooking Arborio rice over a low heat while slowly adding in stock. The end result is a creamy texture that melts in your mouth – with the addition of a good helping of Parmesan cheese (ick!). But since I decided that my Lenten journey would be one of adventure and courage, I decided that I should take a risk. And using farro instead of Arborio rice gave the dish the added protein I needed.


And it turned out pretty well! I used Domesticate Me’s methodology and substituted asparagus (steamed), sweet peas (threw them in frozen), and French string beans (sautéed) instead of the Brussels sprouts and prosciutto. It was a little on the cheesy side (for me), but it was good. (Please excuse the slightly blurry photo from this girl’s frosting covered iPhone)


The other dinner of note from these past two weeks were zucchini-falafel fritters and spanakorizo.



Check out the blog tomorrow for a full recap on how to make this utterly delectable meal!


Finally, my week held something sweet! This is the amazing cake E made me for Match Day!


I have to admit that I started to cry when I saw it. It was such a sweet gesture and really meant the world to me! RD2Be Forever (at least for the next 18 months…)!


I hope you all had a wonderful past two weeks! I’ve missed you!!

Your cake-lovin’, thesis writtin’ friend,


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