Garbage Plates and Laser Tag

Tomorrow is the BIG day. Graduation. Or Commencement. Or Convocation. Or something… I never seem to call it the right name. Anyway, tomorrow is the day that I leave graduate school behind and head towards my post-grad life as a dietetic intern. It’s a mixed bag of emotions – happy, sad, excited, scared, and most of all, anxious. Anxious to meet new people and see new things, but also anxious that I am going to be losing my connection with 14 amazing people.

Since I wasn’t the only one feeling the pressures of saying goodbye, the past two days have been chock full of activities that have been keeping us busy (and together).

Our first activity was a trip to Rochester, the hometown of two of my friends and the college town of another two. I love visiting other people’s “places” – seeing their environment through their eyes, listening to funny stories, visiting their favorite places.

And I didn’t even have to drive!


It’s the small things.

Our first stop was to a local homemade frozen custard shop right on the canal. It was lovely sitting on the dock, feet dangling precariously close to the water, and eating a perfect chocolate custard cone with rainbow sprinkles.


We lucked out with the weather so we were able to walk around after and found a lovely bar overlooking the canal. Sitting in a large open window, we sipped ciders and beers and watched the local rowing club practice on the canal.

Our serene happy hour was interrupted when a fisherman pulled a HUGE carp out of the canal. I shrieked in excitement (and surprise), panicking not only my friends, but the bartender, the other bar patrons, and the fisherman himself.

I had to take a photo.


I named him Bob.

But the highlight of our visit to Rochester was the local food phenomenon called a Garbage Plate. I don’t know how such a delicious treat received such an unappetizing name, but I don’t care. It was good!


It is basically a bed of starch (French fries, home fries, baked beans, macaroni salad) topped with a BBQ favorite (hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dogs, etc.) and smothered in “hot sauce” (a thin meat sauce that is SUPER spicy).


I got French fries and home fries, topped it with a hamburger, and smothered it in the “hot sauce”, buffalo sauce, and ketchup. Not the best for you, but it was a real treat to eat on a beautiful night on the canal with friends.


Yesterday, to get a little exercise, we celebrated H’s birthday at the local arcade and played laser tag.

Yes, laser tag. And we had a blast.

After snapping photos of the us outside the arcade, we were ushered into the briefing room (where they told us to not run into walls… do people actually do that?) and it was cool because it was all lit by black lights.


I was wearing all black, so I thought I had the advantage… NOT.

Because I wore sandals.

IMG_3113 - Version 2

E and I wanted to get manicures and pedicures for graduation (my planning skills are excellent, don’t you agree?) and I didn’t want to mess up my toes. So my all black ensemble was pointless because my sandals kept slapping on the ground and I couldn’t run very fast.

But we had a fabulous time, H had a wonderful birthday, and we made memories that we’ll remember forever.


Happy Friday, kiddos!


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