The Beach 2.0

Hi, kiddos! How is everything? Did you think that since I’ve graduated that I’m done blogging? Sorry, kiddos – you’re stuck with me! I decided that I will still be an honorary Grad School Foodie throughout my internship, which will be in an institution of higher learning. So I will be exactly the same for the next year! *squeal*

But anyway, let’s get back to the real reason for this blog post – the Beach… again. My mama’s BFF, The Scap, has a beautiful home by the ocean and so graciously let us stay there for a couple of days to relax and regroup after the craziness that was graduation weekend.

It was the perfect combination of family time, good eating, and time to blob (three of my favorite things).

Our first stop when we got to the Beach was our favorite restaurant that serves delicious sandwiches, fries, salads, and pizza.

Like this delightful seasonal salad of mixed greens, strawberries, almonds, radishes, and grilled asparagus.


Which totally complemented my HUGE grilled salmon sandwich.


The food is amazing (and the portions are generous), but the reason we always stop at this place is this.


Homemade chipwiches… with luscious chocolate sauce.







Dinner was even better. We went to the same amazing nouveau-American restaurant that my mom and her friends discovered a few years ago. And had the amazing Thai fried calamari.


Served with spicy peppers and spinach, it is probably the best thing I have ever eaten.

Except this.


Oh, Steak Au Poivre… you are the light of my life.


But we didn’t just eat when we were at the Beach. Walks on the beach were restorative, beautiful, and a way to get some form of exercise.

We found horseshoe crabs.


I took stalker pictures of my family.


Hi family!

The ocean was a little rough because of the weather…


But I was still brave enough to stick my feet in.


It was slightly frigid.

But we warmed up later that night over cocktails at a historic hotel.


Margaritas are ever so classy when they are served in a bar that has welcomed Presidents of the US.


Our short, three-day weekend ended with our traditional breakfast at a local breakfast spot The Scap brought my mom to years ago.

And I had the exact same thing that I had last year (because I’m so adventurous).


Veggie omelet with their AMAZING spiced hash brown potatoes… and rye toast (minus a bite!).


It was the perfect mid-week getaway to recharge our batteries and allowed us to reconnect.

And eat good food.


How was everyone’s week? Did anyone else celebrate a graduation? Let me know!

Your beach lovin’ friend,


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