What’s Been Happening – 8/24

A lot’s been happening these past few weeks.


  1. Tomorrow I start my Dietetic Internship.


These past two days have been a flurry of printing, organizing, buying external hard drives, getting directions to where I actually need to be, and confirming start times.

And panicking about what to wear, what tote bag to bring, what to pack for lunch… HELP!


  1. It is not only my first day at a new place…


This kid started a new job a couple of weeks ago (albeit, not dressed as Minnie Mouse).

My sister (E) now lives in another state, in her own apartment, with her own car, health insurance, and new life as an employed citizen of the world. And while I am so, so, so proud of her, I’m slightly sad that I won’t be able to share dinner with her every Sunday.


2A. The best redeeming quality of E’s new home is that there is a great donut shop nearby.


Sunday breakfast of champions!


  1. E decided to pop back to the home nest this weekend… the same weekend my mother saw this amazing chocolate-peanut butter cake in a magazine.


E loves chocolate, peanut butter, and cake. So we made it for her.


I didn’t have any. *burp*


  1. Everyone is moving around – jobs, internships, graduate school – so my friends and I have been meeting up and eating a lot of food, drinking wonderful drinks, and getting in a good last visit before our lives drag us in a million different directions.


My friend E and I met up at our local Mexican haunt and really couldn’t make up our minds on what to order…


  1. But throughout all this craziness – E’s move, saying a “see you later” to my friends, organizing for internship, and making cake – I was still able to carve out some me-time.


With my three best friends… strawberries, chocolate-hazelnut spread, and a good TV show.


How have you all been? Are you dreading the end of summer? Or excited for the weather to cool down? Let me know!

Your friend in the slightly perpetual food coma,


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