A Weekend Recap… A Day Late

Hi there! How are you? How was Halloween? What did you do? Did you go trick-or-treating? Did you sit home and watch movies? Do nothing?

I had class until late on Friday, so I showed up to our friends’ house (and Halloween maze extravaganza) a little bit late (and a lotta bit cranky) and indulged in some wine, some pastichio (Greek lasagna), and some good conversation.


Oh and some homemade chocolate lava cakes (please excuse the blurry photo – I was trying to grab a photo before devouring the whole thing in 2 bites). Paired with the ability to boss people around in the maze with a megaphone, it was the perfect ending to a long and exhausting day.

This weekend was all about getting work done and relishing the extra hour of sleep we received on Sunday… but all work and no play is never a good thing.


Which makes coffee breaks with a good friend all the more important. Cappuccinos, anyone?

My weekend eating ended with our traditional big Sunday dinner, which was composed of grilled salmon, roasted vegetables, and brown rice.


Along with leftover stuffed acorn squash! This dish is probably my favorite fall dish because it truly has all the flavors of fall. My mom and I adapted the recipe from one I found on food.com. We left out the celery, mushrooms, and sage, used honey crisp apples, didn’t top with cheese at the end, and only used about ¾ of the stuffing in the squash and made the remaining stuffing into stuffin’ muffins! Super delicious, a great way to highlight acorn squash, and a perfect meal for a cold winter night.


This weekend was full of good eating – what a way to start off November!

Your food lovin’ friend,


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