Instagram Life of Late

Hi there, how are you?

I have a question… are you as obsessed with Instagram as much as I am?

(okay, good – I feel much better about myself!)

I love following interesting people, looking at fabulous pictures of food/recipes, and connecting with all of you! Plus, I like using Instagram to show the behind-the-scenes (AKA my regular life) snaps.

Like this picture is on repeat lately…


It’s approximately 3 weeks until my RD exam and my house has exploded with flashcards, highlighters, and various study guides. At least everything is color-coordinated 🙂

But a study break every once in a while is needed too.


My mom indulged me with an impromptu hydrangea-filled photo shoot outside in our garden. Sunshine and fresh air does wonders to help reset study brain.

And then my friend invited me to her rooftop cowboy-themed office party for a BIG study break (I was slightly hesitant to cut my Thursday studying short).


But my friend promised that there was going to be pulled pork and drinks in mason jars (!) … all that plus her wonderful company really showed me that a study break was definitely needed!


How was your week? Did you post anything cool on Instagram? Let me know!

Your Instagram obsessed friend,


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