Sisters, State Fairs, and Scrambled Eggs

Hey there! How are you?

Did you have a good weekend?

I definitely did!

This past weekend was all about driving up to see E and making our second annual pilgrimage to the state fair. What made this weekend even more fun is that our best friend T (who is basically our sister in every way but blood) joined in on the fun. Watching T excitedly texting on our drive up late Friday night hinted that this weekend was going to be filled with good times (and hopefully some good eats!).

Our weekend started on Saturday morning with a big fuel-up brunch.


Scrambled eggs (E’s specialty), sausage, bagels, english muffins, fruit salad, and homemade pumpkin bread (recipe coming soon) gave us enough energy and protein so we could conquer the fair (and not stuff our faces with everything in sight).

But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t eat.


E and T dug into homemade macaroni and cheese studded with broccoli, bacon, and fresh garlic. They said it was delicious. (since I don’t eat cheese, I had to take their word on it)

My fair food of choice was a baked potato.


A baked potato loaded with butter, bacon bits, and chives. I thought I was going to die from happiness.


E and T got their baked potato with melted cheese, sour cream, and bacon bits, which looked also looked awesome.

But we didn’t only eat savory food… we ate some sweet stuff too!


Like these amazing, WARM apple cider donuts.

Breakfast (and snack and dessert) nirvana.

After our big outing at the fair, we decided that a quiet night in parked in front of Netflix would be the best end to a busy day.


So while we binged watch a comedy series, we dug into homemade turkey meatballs and mountains of salad (because we needed to balance out the day a bit). And drank some wine – because sister hang outs must include wine (it’s written in some sister manual somewhere).

After crashing at about 10:30PM, we woke up nice and late on Sunday morning… which meant that we would need to get moving if we wanted to make sure we got on the road at a decent time. But then we decided that T couldn’t visit E without going to the fabulous, old-school donut shop that is down the road from her house…


… it would have been so a travesty if she had to miss out on this.


They looked beautiful on our brunch table… and tasted pretty wonderful too!


It was a perfect weekend full of family, food, and so much fun! We were able to have 48 hours of girl time – no work, no stress, no problems – just the three of us hanging out, making memories, and eating fabulous food. Who wouldn’t be happy?

So, kiddos, what do you like to do with your siblings? Let me know!


A Big Sister

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