The Last Thursday of October

Can you believe that this is the last Thursday in October?

Seriously, where did this month go?

I always get a little sad when October ends because it seems like all the fall activities are officially over. All the apples have been picked, all the pumpkins have been carved, and all the Halloween candy has (almost) been eaten.

But that doesn’t mean that the memories of a fun month have to go away too!

And what a month it was!

It was a month filled with:


An amazing sister weekend with my two favorite people.


A farm store that was loaded with perfectly imperfect pumpkins (I’ll take them all please)…


… and delicious cider donuts!


A quest to find the perfect leaf.


A time to go to the maze, get scared silly, then take weird selfies in the “mirrors” while waiting for your mom to decide on which path to take.


An opportunity to meet inspirational people (Hi, Ree! It was a pleasure to meet you!).


While it is sad to start seeing October go, it truly has been an amazing month!

Your fall lovin’ friend,


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