Random Snaps Found After a Camera Clean Out, Part 6



Every once in a blue moon, I clean the photos out of my camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s my (not)frosting-covered iPhone, my trusty point-and-shoot, or my new fancy one, there always comes a time when I need to clean house. And I usually find some gems!

This is what I found from this past week or so.


I’m calling it “Food-ception”… I saw the concept on Instagram and I was like, I want to try that. So I did and now I’m kind of obsessed.

(PS – this recipe is coming in November!).

(PPS – and I didn’t drop my phone into the skillet, which means that this iPhone camera MAY outlive its predecessor!).


But I did take actual food photos this weekend (not just photos of photos).


Like re-shooting the photos for my challah french toast recipe (putting said pictures on the blog is another story…).


And french toast wasn’t the only thing gracing my table this week.

We got a new fridge (goodbye, 28 year-old friend!) so I decided to whip up Ree’s (The Pioneer Woman) Chocolate Pie.


It was delicious, especially when you take Ree’s advice that you need to decorate the top with lightly sweetened whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles.


To counteract ALL the sugar I have been eating this week (because life’s about balance), my mom and I whipped up a favorite Greek dish with the 3-pound bag of string beans I bought at the market (keep an eye out next week – you don’t want to miss this recipe!).


And making a dinner “Toad-In-A-Hole” with olive oil, peasant bread, and a sprinkling of fresh thyme leaves… because who said that breakfast foods should just be for breakfast?


I’m a meal-time rebel, what can I say?


Nothing like a good camera clean out to see what crazy photos you’ve snapped throughout the week. Do you guys snap photos throughout the day and enjoy flipping through them to see what you’ve captured? Let me know!

Happy Saturday, kiddos.




#TBT… the New Camera Edition

So it’s been officially two weeks since I had my new camera and it’s been so much fun playing around with it (and frustrating my parents, The YIA, and The Cat by taking numerous photos of them ALL THE TIME).


But seriously…


I think they are loving the attention!


(especially The Cat!).

Oh and I might have taken some pictures of food too…


(this is a photo of a special project coming soon!)


It’s been a fun couple of weeks with the camera… now what should I photograph next?

Your shutterbug friend,


Hardware Upgrade!

Hi, kiddos!! How are you?!

How was your week? Do anything exciting?


Besides finished orientation at my new job (I actually get to see my own patients on Monday… !!), my parents and the YIA-E were super generous and gave me money towards a hardware upgrade to help improve my blog!


Say hello to my brand new camera! I am super excited to step up into the DSLR world… not that I don’t still love to shoot photos with my beloved point-and-shoot (it’s gotten me this far!) and my new (not-frosting) covered iPhone. I hope that with time, my photos will get a better, crisper look and become a little more professional looking too!

Like any person with a new toy, I needed to play with my camera ASAP after getting it home. But with getting home late from work, eating dinner, and blobbing in front of the TV for a bit, it was bedtime before I had a chance to sit down and examine the camera (because who reads instruction manuals?).


And The Cat decided to join me (AKA decided that she wanted to play with my camera strap).


So I took a few (okay, 100) test photos on my camera.


And needless to say, I’m pretty pleased with it!


So, kiddos, do you like photography? Are there any tips or tricks you would like to share with me? Let me know!

Your new DSLR camera lovin’ friend,


Photo Class Day 3

This Sunday was my last food photography class and it was a perfect ending to an experience that has totally changed the way that I see photography (and my camera!).

What made it extra fun was that I actually got my act together and brought food with me to photograph!

Since we are less than 2 weeks away from Christmas, I decided that cookies were the perfect subjects for my last class.

Chocolate pecan shortbread photographed so beautifully!


Confession – my shortbread making skills are seriously lacking. Like this was the biggest baking fail I ever had. The cookies were dry and lumpy (who ever ate a lumpy shortbread cookie?! No one!) and my dad couldn’t even eat one (and he eats everything!). But what they lacked in taste, they made up in appearance!

My photo teacher loved the shortbread so much, we spent most of the class taking picture after picture of them…


It really forced me to work on my photo composition.


And my pecan placement!

My other cookie option was much more whimsical… and much more delicious!


I brought in few of my favorite gingerbread cookies to photograph, which was a sweet ending to my photo class.


Now that I know how to photograph cookies with ease, it’s time to get holiday baking!! The big question is, should I be attempting shortbread cookies again? What do you think? Let me know!

Your cookie makin’, food photographin’ friend,