Life Updates

Hi, everyone!!

How are you?

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting AT ALL in the past week+ but there has been a lot of life change happening recently that needed my full attention.

The most important life change that happened was this…


I am a RD2Be!!

After 7 years (!) and all the studying this summer, it all paid off and I can proudly attach the letters “RDN” (registered dietitian nutritionist) after my name. I’m slightly obsessed with this and now want to doodle it everywhere and anywhere (sorry for being annoying in advance!).


In other life-changing news, I am officially employed as a clinical dietitian in a medium-sized community hospital in a major city near where I live – so this week was the start of a new job on top of last minute studying for the RD exam. I am so happy and in love with this new chapter of my life and couldn’t wait to share the news with all of you!


Thanks for coming along this journey with me so far – I can’t wait to see where it takes us next!



An Open Letter To RD2Bes For Match Day 2015


Dear RD2Be,

Tomorrow is Match Day – the day where you log in to a website and discover if you have been matched to an internship program. A nerve-wracking day. An exciting day. A day that seems to have your whole future depending on it.

One year ago, I was in your situation… Anxious, stressed, and panicked. What was going to happen? It was a lack of control that I never experienced before. But what I learned over the past year has shown me that no matter what happens tomorrow, IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY.

You probably have heard that before. It seems like whenever we are down or when things aren’t working out the way we planned, someone always says that it’s going to be okay. And that usually is the thing we don’t want to hear.

But trust me, it will be okay.


If you get matched:

Congratulations – you are about to embark a year of learning, discovery, and change.

The one thing I learned this year is that internship is hard. Very, very hard.

I equate internship to working full-time as well as being a full-time student at night. You spend your days in a whirlwind of clinical rotations, community presentations, and interacting with a variety of healthcare professionals, patients, and concerned family members. You spend your nights reviewing current literature on different medical conditions and their nutritional needs, writing papers and case studies, and studying the various diets, recommended nutrient levels, and lab values.

Most days is it exhilarating – you are actually creating care plans and implementing nutrition regimes that help people. You are making a difference in someone’s life.

But there are those days that are not as wonderful. There are the days where you are running behind. Days where it seems no matter what you suggest, it isn’t exactly what someone wanted. There will be days that you will cry, days you will become unbelievably frustrated, and days that you’ll want to quit.

But keep going – don’t let a few bad days ruin an experience that allows you to learn, practice, and hone your skills so that you will emerge one year later as a registered dietitian.


If you don’t get matched:

Congratulations – you are about to embark a year of learning, discovery, and change.

First off, it is going to be okay.

You have a year to continue to explore and hone your skills in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Don’t see this as a sign that you aren’t meant to be a RD… see this as the opposite. You have been given the opportunity to delve into the field, to work and to foster skills that many dietetic interns do not even possess.

Take the DTR exam and become a registered dietetic technician. Become a diet tech, dietary assistant, or nutrition assistant at a local hospital and get actual work experience in a clinical environment, interacting with the food service and dietetics staff. Continue to explore the literature on current diet recommendations and new nutrition guidelines – become knowledgeable of evidenced-based nutrition practice.

Most days is it will exhilarating – you are working in a field that you love. You are interacting with a variety of people, absorbing knowledge that you can only receive through hands-on experience.

But there are those days that are not as wonderful. There are the days where you are running behind. Days where it seems that you are no where closer to achieving your dreams. There will be days that you will cry, days you will become unbelievably frustrated, and days that you’ll want to quit.

But keep going – don’t let a few bad days ruin an experience that allows you to learn, practice, and hone your skills so that you will ultimately emerge as a registered dietitian.

Learn and experience as much as you can. If you choose to undergo match next year, your skills will be the strong foundation for the internship to build upon. You will understand what it’s like to work in a clinical setting. You will understand how the food service/dietetics culture works. You will be strong in your knowledge of evidence-based nutrition practice. You will have worked so hard and it will show.


Ultimately, no matter what tomorrow brings, you will be you… a wonderful, compassionate, hard-working RD2Be. Be proud of where this journey has taken you, but be open to the opportunities that are going to begin to unfold in front of you. And remember, it is going to be okay.

Wishing you all the best of luck tomorrow!

Your fellow RD2Be (and your biggest supporter!),



A New Beginning

It’s my Dietetic Internship Day 3…


I cannot believe that I am in the third day of my pre-clinical orientation for my internship.


I cannot believe that I am technically not in graduate school.


I cannot believe that I get to wear dresses every day to class.


I cannot believe that I am finally in the next step of becoming a RD.


I cannot believe that my bag is this full and we haven’t even started rotations yet…

IMG_0819 copy

But I love how everything kind of matches (it’s the Type A personality in me!).


I cannot believe that it is Labor Day this weekend and summer is (un)officially over. Are you transitioning into something new? Are all your kiddos in school (elementary, middle, high, or college)? Are YOU starting something new? Let me know – I would love to hear all about it!


Your RD2Be friend,


What’s Been Happening – 8/24

A lot’s been happening these past few weeks.


  1. Tomorrow I start my Dietetic Internship.


These past two days have been a flurry of printing, organizing, buying external hard drives, getting directions to where I actually need to be, and confirming start times.

And panicking about what to wear, what tote bag to bring, what to pack for lunch… HELP!


  1. It is not only my first day at a new place…


This kid started a new job a couple of weeks ago (albeit, not dressed as Minnie Mouse).

My sister (E) now lives in another state, in her own apartment, with her own car, health insurance, and new life as an employed citizen of the world. And while I am so, so, so proud of her, I’m slightly sad that I won’t be able to share dinner with her every Sunday.


2A. The best redeeming quality of E’s new home is that there is a great donut shop nearby.


Sunday breakfast of champions!


  1. E decided to pop back to the home nest this weekend… the same weekend my mother saw this amazing chocolate-peanut butter cake in a magazine.


E loves chocolate, peanut butter, and cake. So we made it for her.


I didn’t have any. *burp*


  1. Everyone is moving around – jobs, internships, graduate school – so my friends and I have been meeting up and eating a lot of food, drinking wonderful drinks, and getting in a good last visit before our lives drag us in a million different directions.


My friend E and I met up at our local Mexican haunt and really couldn’t make up our minds on what to order…


  1. But throughout all this craziness – E’s move, saying a “see you later” to my friends, organizing for internship, and making cake – I was still able to carve out some me-time.


With my three best friends… strawberries, chocolate-hazelnut spread, and a good TV show.


How have you all been? Are you dreading the end of summer? Or excited for the weather to cool down? Let me know!

Your friend in the slightly perpetual food coma,


A Week in Review

It has been a crazy, emotional week! After coming down from my insane sugar high from Easter (so long 1lb solid chocolate bunny), it has been a combination of happy events and bittersweet reminders that my time as a graduate student is coming to a close.

First happy moment of my week happened on Monday night!


My mama’s turkey meatballs can make even the most cold-hearted person feel warm and fuzzy inside. Paired with our family friend’s amazing homemade vodka sauce, it was the absolutely perfect reintroduction back into my omnivorous lifestyle.


The happiness (and excessive meatball consumption) continued into Thursday when my amazing friend L successfully defended her thesis (yay!) and M, S, and D all handed in their theses to their committees! It was a joyous day which we celebrated with a round of drinks…


… and a heartfelt toast by S. It was the perfect end to a slightly stressful morning.

But then I saw this.



I can’t believe that we have 2 weeks until graduation! How could these two years pass so quickly?!


The sad moment passed quickly for we needed to get to the bus that would take us down to my hometown (ish) for the state’s dietetic conference… YAY for a road trip.

And when you trap a bunch of us on a bus for a huge amount of time…


… the important things (like those thesis edits) are replaced by shenanigans!


Hi, D!

The conference was so much fun and very informative. Despite being sad that graduate school is almost done, it was a pleasure to meet the many dietitians, DTRs, and other students that will be my professional colleagues one day.

And I had roast beef on homemade NYC rye bread for lunch.


It was amazing.


This bittersweet week was capped off by a big dinner thrown by the dean of our graduate department. Best friends, amazing faculty, one adorable toddler, and the best Indian food I have ever eaten showed that despite this amazing time of my life is coming to an end, the relationships and memories I have made will stay with me always.


Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

Your extremely sentimental, almost graduated Grad School Foodie,


When A Tree Falls in the Yard…

I cannot believe that it is Thursday of Spring Break already! With everything going on, the time has flown by and my thesis and Master’s comps exams are still almost finished. Which is an issue.

Which is why we decided that a quiet day at home with just the family was the perfect plan – I could get work done, we could pick out new tile for our bathroom, I could get work done, we could eat awesome food, and I could get work done. But Mother Nature decided that a quiet day was too boring and we needed some excitement.

So she did this. IMG_2447

And it fell AWAY from the house. And away from my grandmother’s car, which we have been borrowing, and had parked real close to where the tree was. This is the same car that hasn’t sat outside a garage in the five years that my grandmother has owned it. To say that we were super lucky is an understatement.


The Sister and I decided to brave the sub-20s temperature and snap some photos of (and to my mother’s consternation, on) the tree.


The root ball was huge and looked super cool.


E was successful in climbing up onto the tree, standing, and actually balancing/smiling/having a wonderful time.


I was more challenged.


But I finally sat.


And enjoyed the view.


Hope everyone stays safe in all this windy weather!

Your tree sittin’ friend,