The Perfect Fall Day


Happy Monday, everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend!

As I am coming out of my candy-induced coma, I finally got around to downloading the pictures I snapped last week onto my computer and stumbled upon this picture from a walk I went on with my parents.

It is the perfect fall day… crisp, clear, and full of breathtaking color. It truly captured the season in this part of the county.

A nice memory to kick of this crazy work week!

Have a great day, kiddos,


#TBT… the New Camera Edition

So it’s been officially two weeks since I had my new camera and it’s been so much fun playing around with it (and frustrating my parents, The YIA, and The Cat by taking numerous photos of them ALL THE TIME).


But seriously…


I think they are loving the attention!


(especially The Cat!).

Oh and I might have taken some pictures of food too…


(this is a photo of a special project coming soon!)


It’s been a fun couple of weeks with the camera… now what should I photograph next?

Your shutterbug friend,


Hardware Upgrade!

Hi, kiddos!! How are you?!

How was your week? Do anything exciting?


Besides finished orientation at my new job (I actually get to see my own patients on Monday… !!), my parents and the YIA-E were super generous and gave me money towards a hardware upgrade to help improve my blog!


Say hello to my brand new camera! I am super excited to step up into the DSLR world… not that I don’t still love to shoot photos with my beloved point-and-shoot (it’s gotten me this far!) and my new (not-frosting) covered iPhone. I hope that with time, my photos will get a better, crisper look and become a little more professional looking too!

Like any person with a new toy, I needed to play with my camera ASAP after getting it home. But with getting home late from work, eating dinner, and blobbing in front of the TV for a bit, it was bedtime before I had a chance to sit down and examine the camera (because who reads instruction manuals?).


And The Cat decided to join me (AKA decided that she wanted to play with my camera strap).


So I took a few (okay, 100) test photos on my camera.


And needless to say, I’m pretty pleased with it!


So, kiddos, do you like photography? Are there any tips or tricks you would like to share with me? Let me know!

Your new DSLR camera lovin’ friend,


Photo Class Day 2

How is everyone’s week going? How was your weekend? Mine was pretty full of fun activities (and some ICU case study work).

I’m still celebrating my birthday each Sunday as I take my food photography class. This past Sunday was day two of three and we worked so much on my lighting skills and photo composition.

And we used a very familiar (and delicious!) subject…


French fries!

They came in a cool cup, which gave me multiple ways to set up the shot.


Like fries cascading out of the cup onto a perfectly crumpled paper bag.


Or all the fries sticking out of the top of the cup… I shall call this photo “Ode to Fried Potatoes”.

And then we worked on shooting from a distance.

This was my favorite shot of a croissant!


This was fun trying a new perspective!

I am having a great time at my photo class and am learning so much. My next biggest challenge is trying to decide what food to bring in to photograph on Sunday. Cookies or hummus? Brownies or peppermint bark? Let me know what you think!


Your food photographin’ friend,