Hardware Upgrade!

Hi, kiddos!! How are you?!

How was your week? Do anything exciting?


Besides finished orientation at my new job (I actually get to see my own patients on Monday… !!), my parents and the YIA-E were super generous and gave me money towards a hardware upgrade to help improve my blog!


Say hello to my brand new camera! I am super excited to step up into the DSLR world… not that I don’t still love to shoot photos with my beloved point-and-shoot (it’s gotten me this far!) and my new (not-frosting) covered iPhone. I hope that with time, my photos will get a better, crisper look and become a little more professional looking too!

Like any person with a new toy, I needed to play with my camera ASAP after getting it home. But with getting home late from work, eating dinner, and blobbing in front of the TV for a bit, it was bedtime before I had a chance to sit down and examine the camera (because who reads instruction manuals?).


And The Cat decided to join me (AKA decided that she wanted to play with my camera strap).


So I took a few (okay, 100) test photos on my camera.


And needless to say, I’m pretty pleased with it!


So, kiddos, do you like photography? Are there any tips or tricks you would like to share with me? Let me know!

Your new DSLR camera lovin’ friend,